As the global business landscape continues to evolve, entrepreneurs are exposed to pressures in finding successful ways to adapt and optimize their business performance while cutting cost. One effective cost-saving strategy company’s use is entrusting accounting outsourcing services for their financial and accounting necessities. By outsourcing your accounting services to us, your business will manage to cut down the cost of maintaining the function in-house, thereby retaining the core-departments within the organization and reinvesting the amount saved to earn higher returns, hence improving the profitability of the company.

Internal Audit

Ubiquity Consulting Ltd has continued to support audit committees, management and internal audit functions for organizations. Our Internal Audit Services focus on business process improvement, financial audit, IT audit and compliance reviews. Our approach is to make the Internal Audit contribution relevant and to add value to the organization with management agreed sustainable improvement plans.

Project Management

Project management outsourcing makes it possible to improve the effectiveness of the organization’s project activities by means of the competencies, experience, and professionalism accumulated by the contractor company.

Human Resource Management

People are fundamental to any organization, and therefore human resource management needs to be integrated with and aligned to an organization’s corporate strategy. An organization also needs to ensure that its employees are motivated to help achieve its corporate objectives.


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