Market Research

A company’s key competitive advantage can be derived from the external effectiveness and internal efficiency. Understanding the market in which the company operates in, is key to enhancing external effectiveness. Our research specialists will assist you in investigating the current market scenario, whether entering a new market will be profitable and assist you to increase your company’s market share. We will provide you with an extensive array of comprehensive qualitative and quantitative research services for organizations in a wide variety of industries and sectors.

Corporate Restructuring

If your company is in financial distress, we can partner help your business continue operations rather than look at the liquidation option. Our consultants have combined restructuring experience of more than 20 years. We are able to incorporate the stakeholders’ interests in our reconstruction models. UCL being a committed partner will provide your company with a detailed report on the causes of failure and appropriate recommendations


Many businesses recognize that value is delivered through processes, but still define themselves in terms of their functional roles. To properly harness the resources within a business, a clear agreement of the management and implementation of processes is needed. Strategies are to some extent at least delivered by means of processes. Ubiquity Consulting Limited has a core capability in the identification and mapping of business processes. The end result is a clear picture of how an organization operates providing a baseline for productivity improvements and consistency of work practices.

Private Equity Support

Our Company provides excellent advisory services to private investment firms looking for opportunities in the entire region. We also offer solutions for firms that are looking to exit their investments either through the management leveraged buyout, capital markets, secondary deal or private placements.Using an industry-first approach, our senior experts work with the world’s leading private equity firms, hedge funds development, financial institutions and investment banks, providing pragmatic transaction and execution-oriented services that drive shareholder value throughout the deal life cycle. From origination to exit, we use knowledge-driven skills and experience, focusing on critical financial, commercial and operational opportunities, to help create and enhance enterprise value.

Public Private Partnership

We provide advisory services to local and international investors looking to develop ventures under public private partnerships regulatory framework. Our professionals work with project sponsors to structure financing solutions and raise capital for respective projects. We provide transaction advisory services to government agencies in order to develop tender documentation and manage the bid process. In addition, we provide consultancy services to public institutions in the migration of the e-procurement process.

Financial Modelling

Financial Modeling is important for an organization to set long-term objectives which are aligned with its corporate mission and vision. Our analysts are well equipped with robust modeling skills and will assist your firm construct a financial representation on the future performance and make viable recommendations based on that information. We will present your firm with strong financial models which are vital in business valuation, scenario preparation for strategic planning, cost of capital calculations for corporate finance projects, capital budgeting decisions and the allocation of corporate resources.

M&A Negotiations

We support both sides involved in M&A deals and advise individuals seeking to divest from companies through privatizations and offer them financing solutions. Our merger experts will help perform a thorough due diligence on the target company and complete a detailed industry analysis. We also support companies on the exit strategies and link them up with potential investors.

C&S Advisory

As an advisor with strategic advisory experience across a wide breadth of industries, we pride ourselves on the trust and close relationships that we build with our clients through the quality and integrity of our advice.We work alongside senior management and boards, providing impartial advice through all aspects of a transaction process – from origination of ideas, due diligence, the day-to-day management of the transaction process through to the structuring and arranging of funding and managing final completion.


We work as a single united team with market leading firms around the world and give our clients the highest quality advice possible.